Argentina’s Misiones Lottery to carry out all draws despite new restrictions

The head of the IPLyC of the Argentinian province Misiones has assured that despite home working, the lottery will be able to carry out all its draws.
Image source: Shutterstock

Héctor Rojas Decut, head of the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos (IPLyC) of the Argentinian province Misiones, has assured that despite adhering to the administrative decision of the National Government regarding home working, the lottery will follow its schedule and carry out all draws.

“All of our services will be guaranteed, and people who are responsible or in charge will be summoned for that purpose,” he explained. “Even if other people can [work] from home, the idea is to fulfil all the obligations that we have”, including lotteries, he said.

As reported by Misiones Online, lotteries and gambling contribute to the State ‘between 7 and 9 out of every 10 pesos that are bet,’ except for ‘a 10% profit that is directed to lottery shops.’

The head of the IPLyC Misiones also discussed illegal gambling and called it a current problem. However, the institute has a plan to monitor and regulate this type of activity: “Ultimately, we are the regulatory body for this, and as such we see the need for it to be a legal activity in Misiones and Argentina.”

In regards to the benefits that the province perceives, Rojas Decut highlighted that around 4,000 families benefit from the activity indirectly, so ‘it’s not just the State that collects money,’ it’s an activity ‘from which many families have an income, adding: “We have the responsibility to manage and [thrive].”

Back in September 2020, the IPLyC presented its strategic plan for the next four years, which includes a $2.3m investment to reactivate the local economy.

“We aim to digitize most of our offering, as well as ISO quart standard certifications,” Rojas Decut explained, as they aim at “strengthening the sales network and boost new technologies to see themselves as true SMEs.”