KSA reminds applicants of responsibilities ahead of KOA licensing window

KSA has published its 2020 Annual Report detailing the laws that will overhaul the Netherlands’ online gambling market with the implementation of the KOA Act.
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Dutch gambling regulatory body Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has published its ‘2020 Annual Report’, detailing the new standards and laws which will radically overhaul the Netherlands’ online gambling market with the implementation of the ‘Remote Gambling Act’ (KOA Act) regime during 2021.

Moving to launch the KOA Act’s licensing window on April 1, KSA stated it has received a total of 40 licence applications from foreign and domestic incumbents seeking to launch online gambling services.

In overseeing KOA’s licensing process, the regulator expects to grant 35 online gambling licences, to be issued during 2021 proceedings.

From April 1, KSA will start processing applications for licences before the Dutch online gambling market officially launches on October 1.

It has reiterated that it will carry the strictest due diligence of market applicants, where it will review operators’ standards in terms of corporate conduct, compliance and social responsibility duties.

Safer gambling and consumer protections are KSA’s top objectives concerning the launch and success of the KOA regime.

KSA Chairman René Jansen said: “Ultimately, our work revolves around the interests of the player, of the consumer. A fair market remains an important objective but is above all a means to allow consumers to play safely.”

Before launching online gambling services on October 1, KSA will demand a technical inspection of approved operators to ensure their platforms are connected to the CRUKS self-exclusion database.

Licensed operators must also ensure that their systems are integrated with the regulator’s central database, monitoring all operator transactions and customer sign-ups.

Further to its technical requirements, KSA maintained that all KOA applicants must register their ‘Dutch officer’, who will be the legal representative of the business within the Netherlands.

Earlier this month, the Dutch regulator appointed the three bodies which will operate its gambling harm prevention and addiction support services across the country, working with the country’s national health services.

Preparing for a transformative 2021, KSA has changed the mission statement of the KOA regime from ‘play safe in a fair market’ to a shortened ‘Play safe’ tagline.