Brazil’s Federal District asks for documentation to create local lottery

Brazil's Federal District has launched the first phase of the Expression of Interest Procedure to analyse the model for its lottery licence bidding process.
Image source: Shutterstock

The Federal District of Brazil has launched the first phase of the Expression of Interest Procedure (PMI) to carry out an analysis of the model for the bidding process to obtain a lottery licence.

The local government authorised a call that aims to receive documentation from interested parties. This project, published in the Official Gazette this week, would be exclusively for Brasilia citizens.

As reported by local outlet Metrópolis, involved companies will have 30 days to share documentation. After examining the information, approved companies will have 60 days to carry out the developments.

Roberto Andrade, Head of the Special Projects Secretariat, said that they will be in charge of analysing if the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) model is implemented to attract partners, or if it’s better to send a bill to the Legislature.

“In both cases, the State will have a strong supervision during this process,” Andrade added.

Although the procedure is still in its early stages, once the Federal district selects the best project, it will have to go through a public hearing for evaluation.

Furthermore, it will be evaluated by the Court of Auditors and in case no changes are made, the bidding process will continue its normal progress.

The Secretariat will send the documentation to the public entity in charge of the bidding process if this is the model to be adopted.