SBC Digital – India: ‘Lotteries can have a second phase of growth’ – Ratul Sethi

Speaking at SBC Digital - India, Golden Gaming's Ratul Sethi said digital platforms could provide lotteries in India with a ‘second phase of growth’

Speaking at this week’s SBC Digital – India event, the Operations Director of Golden Gaming, Ratul Sethi, told delegates that digital platforms have the potential to provide lotteries in India with a ‘second phase of growth’ after their already proven success at the brick and mortar level.

Taking part in the BetConstruct-sponsored panel titled Lotteries, Sethi said: “If lotteries were to introduce new digital formats, since India is a smart country with the most number of smartphone users and everyone is aware of technology and has a basic digital reach, lotteries can have a second phase of growth.

“Lotteries can be considered as a game which the lower social status plays, that perception can be changed with the introduction of digital formats.”

His thoughts were echoed by panel moderator Jaydeep Chakravartty, Vice President of Commercials at Markor Tech, who cited lottery industry growth as having the potential to create more employment, as well as more tax revenue for states.

Chakravartty added: “There’s always been a perception in India that it’s not good to be seen playing the lottery because of the nature of the business. That’s changing as lotteries are being treated more as a form of entertainment.

“I personally feel that with the growth that is presently there in the lottery market, it’s only touching the surface. A lot more potential still exists in the bigger states where lotteries are allowed.”

While fellow panelist Gautam Thawani, Co-Founder of Indusplay Online Solutions Pvt Ltd, agreed with Sethi and Chakravartty that lotteries must have more of a digital presence in the years to come, he emphasized that lotteries must focus on the price of the ticket as well as producing an attractive jackpot for customers.

Thawani commented: “Indians are more concerned with how much they are spending on a single lottery ticket, what is the prize money on offer, what is the format of the game, who is offering it and are they genuine and credible.

“I definitely recommend that the lottery draw should be broadcasted, especially today when there are more and more ways to do a live broadcast or a live stream on social channels because that shows the feeling of a genuine product to the paying customer.”

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