Loterj calls for public hearing to develop state lotteries in Rio

Rio de Janeiro's lottery authority, Loterj, has held a public hearing with the main operators in Brazil to discuss the future of lotteries in the state.
Image source: Shutterstock

The lottery authority of Rio de Janeiro, Loterj, held a public hearing last Friday (January 22) to discuss the future of lotteries in the Brazilian state. The meeting featured the participation of the main operators already established in the country, such as Intralot, Hebara, MCE and the lottery association CEF.

The public hearing comes after the favorable ruling of the Federal Supreme Court, where it was established that the state doesn’t have the rights to have a lottery monopoly. Therefore, each state can legislate and develop its own business in the industry.

As reported by Games Magazine Brasil, the President of Loterj, Oswaldo Ribeiro, said that the meeting ‘held the largest number of participants to date, so it was very positive’. He also highlighted the interest of several private groups that aim to contribute to the future business of the Brazilian lottery.

During the meeting, the authorities shared a summary of the main topics of the future bidding process and discussed the necessary steps to operate certain games.

“A statement was made on the volume of investments in a 60-month contract. These issues were already in internal debates in Loterj and being confirmed in a public hearing only reinforces the impression that we are on the right track,” said Ribeiro.

Additionally, the attendees discussed the characteristics of certain games, future distribution and instant win games.

The next step will be the announcement of a bidding process that will define the new lottery modalities in Rio de Janeiro.

Ribeiro added: “We strive for everything to happen as soon as possible since Loterj’s revenue will help the State. Thousands of people need to benefit from lottery resources. That is why I hope that the interested parties are prepared and organized for the public bidding process.”