The Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Panama has announced that lotteries will be able to resume activities on March 1. As a result, the Lotería Nacional de Beneficencia (LNB) has decided to reschedule its draws and prize payout dates.

The LNB said in a statement that it will resume activities on March 1 to pay prizes, while the first draw will be held on March 3, corresponding to a draw from May 27, 2020, that had been suspended due to the health crisis.

“It’s important to clarify that we’ll keep using the tickets from 2020 to safeguard State assets since they were already printed,” clarified the Panamanian LNB.

In addition, the Lotería will kick off its “vendor cycle” on February 22, in which the lottery will allow withdrawals and cancellation of tickets, according to regulations set by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

The lottery organization plans to set a schedule to meet with the authorities of the sector in order to unify criteria, evaluate, improve and reinforce the measures that have been taken during the pandemic and the lockdown at a local level.

“The National Government, through the Programa Panamá Solidario, will continue to offer its support to the country’s lottery vendors during the quarantine, in accordance with the Lotería Nacional de Beneficencia’s management,” the LNB said.