The Loteria del Estado de Rio de Janeiro (LOTERJ), the official lottery of Rio, has announced that it will hold a public hearing on January 22 to give guidance on the necessary procedures to continue with the bidding process of the Loterias Instantâneas and Prognóstico Numérico.

The hearing that was announced by the LOTERJ presidency will take place at the state lottery headquarters. As detailed by BNL Data, interested parties will be able to access information about the bidding process and may submit comments.

“All interested parties are called to have access to relevant information and to comment on the product to be offered by LOTERJ in a bid,” said the entity in an official document.

According to Article 39 of Law 8.666, it is mandatory to hold this type of hearing when it comes to contracting services with estimated worth higher than $27m, or $150 million reais.

Currently, the Loteria del Estado de Rio de Janeiro operates Loterj de Premios through a contract with MCE Intermediações e Negócios Ltda since February 2020.

LOTERJ is now able to operate its own lotteries thanks to a Federal Supreme Court (STF) ruling from 2020, which set that each state has the power to offer its own lottery product if they follow federal rules.

The state already had its own product but was forced to shut down in 2017. A complaint by the Rio de Janeiro State Attorney General’s Office, which helped win the case, argued that the closure would make them lose more than $3.5m.