Degree 53 has joined the European Lotteries Association (EL) as an Associate Member, strengthening the company’s position as a leading digital service provider for lotteries.

The online gambling technology provider specialises in the UX, design and development of bespoke web and app services.

Its portfolio includes sportsbook, casino and lottery product development, UX and UI design, third-party integrations and consultancy.

Richard Wagstaff, the firm’s Managing Director, said: “I’m delighted that Degree 53 is beginning the year by becoming an Associate Member of the European Lotteries.

“It’s a testament to our work within the lottery sector and our commitment to creating high quality, responsible products. We’re excited to be joining other members of the EL, and look forward to exchanging our knowledge and helping to develop this sector further.”

Last month, the EL announced it had joined forces with the European Casino Association and the World Tote Association to fight illegal online gambling and embrace the foreseen Digital Services Act package.