Despite an overall decline in gambling activity in Colombia due to the mandatory lockdown, the Sorteo Extraordinario registered in October its highest sales in history in a month other than December.

Mario Yepes del Portillo, President of Extra, revealed that sales reached around $640k, which ‘shows the great trust that Colombians have in the Sorteo Extraordinario’, according to local outlet El Heraldo.

Last month’s sales were the highest in a month other than December in the special draw’s 52-year history. They’re also approximately $147k higher than what the lottery registered in the same period in 2019 when it reported $507k.

Yepes del Portillo said: “Since 2007 and 2008 when some of the most important regional lotteries in the Caribbean stopped their operations, the lotteries in Colombia’s central region started dominating this market.

“Today, with these figures, we can see that Extra dominates the Coast, and it has recovered that space that it is now rooted in Colombians’ hearts.”

The Extra President also assured that the Sorteo Extraordinario is the lottery with the ‘best recovery after the quarantine, among all those who are operating,’ since their market recovery rate is 80,43%, and ‘taking into account the decline in the entire sector during the strictest months of the lockdown, between March and May’.