Pollard Banknote Limited has congratulated the Kansas Lottery and its subsidiary, Schafer Systems Inc., on the success of a recent pilot test program that evaluated the addition of lighted side panel instant ticket dispensers at select lottery retailers.

During the test period from July 12 to October 3, participating retailers experienced over 31% average growth in instant ticket sales over the same period last year, compared to the state-wide average of approximately 20%.

The Sunflower State lottery’s pilot program was conducted in eight retail locations across the state. Each participating retailer replaced its existing on-counter dispensers with lighted side panel instant ticket dispensers to gauge the effectiveness of this innovative display in lottery retail locations.

Participating retailers found the dispensers easy to install due to their pre-configured format that allowed them to be attached to the counter right out of the box. The addition of the dispensers proved so successful that one store saw instant ticket sales increase by over 50%.

Crystal Roudybush, Deputy Sales Director of Kansas Lottery, said: “We are very pleased with the findings of this test pilot conducted in partnership with Schafer Systems – the lighted dispensers are just what our retailers need to keep driving sales and excite customers.

“Maximizing the lottery’s presence at retail is key to raising brand awareness, attracting new players and engaging existing players – all of which contribute to the Lottery’s overall success and ultimately benefits all Kansans.”

Schafer Systems’ lighted side panel dispensers sit on-counter and include 16 facings, allowing retailers to display a wide variety of instant ticket offerings. The dispenser features vertical lighting in numerous colors and patterns, on both sides of the display to draw added attention to the tickets it showcases. The design helps it stand out in a crowded retail environment while ensuring the tickets themselves are the focus.

Shay Wahl, Sales and Marketing Manager of Schafer Systems, added: “The lighted side panel instant ticket dispensers are a really great way to make customers take notice of a lottery’s exciting instant ticket offerings.

“We are thrilled that Kansas Lottery retailers have seen such great results by leveraging our unique dispensers and are looking forward to seeing how we can continue this momentum to help the Lottery continue to generate revenue for the good causes it supports.”