EsseN Videri Media LTD (ENV Media) has acquired the Indian lottery website, marking the second acquisition in its history.

The purchase leaves the firm in control of one of the Indian market’s most highly visited lotto portals for rankings and reviews of online lottery sites, lottery tickets and payment guides.

Mattias Bergehed, the CEO at ENV Media, explained the rationale behind the deal, saying: “The lottery vertical in India is huge and we believe that the structural growth together with the digitalisation that is going on will accelerate the transformation from physical lotteries to online. 

“With the acquisition of OnlineLotteries, we strengthen our position in India and add another vertical to create growth from. The acquisition also creates synergies in the organisation as we get more data points to analyse, which will result in improved acquisition and refined on page optimization.” sales in the first two quarters of 2020 amounted to approximately €14,000 with a profit margin surpassing 65%. 

The majority of its revenue comes from organic traffic under revenue share agreements and the site is expected to generate a minimum of at least 1,000 new depositing clients this year.

Founded in 2019, ENV Media is engaged in lead generation and performance marketing within the igaming industry. The company attracts numbers of online gambling players through various products and services such as search engine optimisation, social and referral acquisitions and directs them to a number of B2B customers within the igaming vertical.