Panama announces National Charity Lottery resumption

Panama’s lottery industry looks set to recommence after more than six months of inactivity as the country has decided to allow the sale of National Charity Lottery tickets, from today.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) will be responsible for monitoring the restart of the lottery’s sale process, with the organisation making sure that biosafety measures and COVID-19 guidelines are implemented when customers purchase the tickets.

In total 81 cubicles have been set up at the lottery headquarters in the Víctor Julio Gutiérrez square for customers to buy National Charity Lottery tickets, with signs being used to ensure that social distancing measures are followed. Minsa and the lottery management will also cooperate to ensure that safety guidelines and regulations will be implemented at the Plaza Víctor Julio Gutiérrez.

Nadja Porcell, General Director of Health of the Minsa commented: “It is the responsibility of the companies to verify that the ticket holders that rent the common areas of their premises (supermarkets, pharmacies, transport terminal, among others), comply with biosafety measures.”

Along with social distancing measures, customers are being advised to wear masks whilst purchasing the tickets. According to Porcell, health inspections will also be carried out to ensure that both companies, wallets (licensed sellers) and buyers implement these rules.

Panama’s lottery restart is due to the recent Health Ministry decree, which has allowed casinos, cinemas, theaters, libraries, hotels, and more to reopen from today (October 12). Along with the reopenings, Minsea also included the sale of National Charity Lottery tickets.

The lottery’s first draw in six months will take place on October 18 at the José Gabriel Duque A. headquarters.