Lotería de Río Negro, the gambling regulator from the Argentinian province, has announced that it will begin the process to incorporate the bet.ar domain into the online platform of Casinos del Río, currently the only one authorized to operate online gambling under the Del Río Online brand.

In 2019, the Resolution 42/2019 and Provision 68/2019, both approved by the National Legal and Technical Secretariat through the National Directorate of the Internet Domain Registry, established that all online gambling offerings in the country will be unified under the same domain.

Those measures paved the way for the official lotteries in Argentina to have a registry of domains to fight illegal gambling and to help players identify which sites are authorized.

Although the resolutions were approved in 2019, different institutions and regulators are just starting the process to take this step and unify all sites under the same domain.

Casinos del Río, which is through the Del Río Online site and owned by Crown Casino S.A., is the only legal offering in Río Negro. In 2015, Casinos de Río partnered with software provider Vivo Interactive to launch a new personalized online platform, following the requirements of the provincial regulator.

In addition, the Entre Ríos Institute for Financial Assistance to Social Action (IAFAS) also highlighted that this process helps advance the regulation of online gambling in Argentina.

A Lotería de Río Negro spokesperson stated: “[This is] extremely useful for lotteries such as IAFAS, since it contributes to regulate online gambling in each jurisdiction, to comprise all authorized sites in one site, to clearly identify the operators and platforms authorized by regulatory bodies in each jurisdiction and to strengthen communication strategies to identify illegal sites.”