Arkansas receives lottery boost with state launch of Jackpocket app

Jackpocket’s new application has provided a welcome boost to Arkansas’ lottery industry with the firm’s product allowing residents of the state to play lottery games and collect prizes on their smartphones.

The application, which was released on Thursday September 24, was created following the global health pandemic restricting customers in purchasing lottery tickets in person due to growing safety concerns.

Jackpocket’s app will also include a variety of new features to boost the customer experience, whilst also providing ‘a new way to play the lottery’, according to the company.

Some of these features include Jackpocket Pools, which allows players to create lottery pools with friends and family. Additionally, the feature allows the customer to join lottery pools with other Jackpocket players across its multiple jurisdictions in Colorado, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Oregon, Ohio, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

The application also includes a responsible gaming feature in order to create daily deposit and spend limits whilst also imposing self-exclusion, if the user wishes to activate it. Moreover, there are also a range of problem gambling resources available on the application. 

Finally, the app’s autoplay feature will allow players to automatically enter drawings for the lottery games they want to play.

So far the lottery games which can be played on Jackpocket’s application for residents of Arkansas include Mega Millions, Powerball, Lucky for Life, Cash 3, Cash 4, and Natural State Jackpot.

Ultimately the application is expected to boost lottery revenues in the state with lotteries now being easily accessible online, with the launch expected to help mitigate the financial losses gained during lockdowns and retail restrictions.