SG expands InComm deal to develop checkout lane solution

Scientific Games has revealed an expansion to its partnership with InComm which will now work towards advancing a secure solution for shoppers to purchase drawing-based lottery games.

The partnership will also apply to lottery instant “scratch” games along with other store products directly in retail checkout lanes, with the new solution set to make the purchase quick and convenient for consumers

Drawing-based games such as POWERBALL and Mega Millions will be some of those made available in checkout lanes, with the solution set to provide further funding for state programs including health and welfare, senior citizens, veterans, education, the environment and infrastructure.

Randall Lex, VP Lottery Retail Solutions for Scientific Games, stated: “Our vision for retail innovation includes integrated solutions that support lottery revenues with the most advanced technology possible. This partnership with InComm is another example of Scientific Games’ commitment to invest in retail innovation that opens opportunities for lotteries to bring products safely, quickly and conveniently to players wherever they are.”

The expansion between both organisations builds on the pre-existing partnership that has stood between Scientific Games and InComm since 2015 which saw them originally collaborate with the aim of expanding lottery distribution channels by offering new ways for consumers to purchase lottery games through the use of prepaid and payment card solutions. 

Tim Richardson, Senior Vice President, for InComm, added: “Central to this partnership is the shared objective of responsibly growing lottery revenues and attracting new customers for lotteries and retailers alike. InComm and the retailers we support are excited by the innovation opportunities that this partnership represents. Most importantly, we’re honored to support the ultimate beneficiaries of lottery programs which are people and communities throughout the U.S.”

In addition to the implementation of a checkout lane solution, the expanded partnership between Scientific Games and InComm is also expected to further other innovations within the lottery industry such as quick pick options for POWERBALL and Mega Millions in Arizona.