As reported by SBC Noticias, Gilmar Mendes, minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), has ordered that the Rio de Janeiro Lottery (LOTERJ) may intervene as amicus curiae in the Brazilian Association of State Lotteries’ (ABLE) case as it aims to dissolve the monopoly of the lotteries of Brazil.

“Considering the relevance of the matter and the representativeness of the applicant, I accept the request based on art. 7º, §2º, of Law 9868/99 ”, ordered Mendes, according to information from BNL Data.

As amicus curiae, LOTERJ will receive all the procedural powers of the parties, including the right of appeal and oral argument during the trial.

The minister has already accepted the admission of the National College of General Prosecutors of the State and the Federal District (CONPEG) as amicus curiae, representing 16 states of Brazil. Furthermore, in June the State of Amazonas was accepted in order to defend ABLE in the ADPF 493 case.

The association is seeking to end the exclusivity of the national government on the operation of lotteries, with the aim that each state can operate that function. For its part, LOTERJ also proposes the modernisation of public services for state lotteries ‘in accordance with the principle of efficiency.’

“Forcing and/or restricting state lotteries, in order to limit their operations, will result in a monopoly not provided for in art. 177 of the 1988 Constitution, in obvious loss for the States and, once again, contrary to the system of our federation. In short, the Federal Union cannot concentrate what the Constitution does not allow ”, details the association’s request.