Lotteritilsynet to provide millions worth of COVID relief

It has been revealed that NOK 30 million (€3m) has been provided by Norway’s lottery and gambling inspectorate, Lotteritilsynet, in direct relief for ‘volunteer organisations’ to help Norwegian communities overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak,

The relief follows the summer launch of Lotteritilsynet’s ‘crisis fund’ which allows non-profits and volunteer groups to secure direct funding, thus helping organisations continue to provide vital support for Norway’s vulnerable communities.   

Updating the media, Lotteritilsynet Director-General Gunn Merete Paulsen revealed that the regulator had received over 400 applications, of which 379 were granted for funding totalling NOK 30 million.

Additionally, Lotteritilsynet has also stated that its funds will support over 1,100 community projects and further social initiatives, thus providing direct relief to volunteer groups. 

Leading the directive, Gunn Merete Paulsen confirmed that  Lotteritilsynet had begun taking new non-profit applications for its second round of relief support, which will be sanctioned on 15 September.

“We are planning a batch payment as the applications are received so that the organizations that apply will receive the money as soon as possible,” Gunn Merete Paulsen said.

The Norwegian organisation originally launched the ‘crisis fund’ to assist the government’s ongoing COVID-19 relief programmes, noting that the country’s volunteer organisations had seen a significant reduction in operating income disrupting their valuable community resources.