Caixa Econômica Federal has announced that starting today (August 3) Lotofácil will have daily draws, with changes having been authorized by Ordinance No. 14,901/2020 from SECAP, the gambling regulator from Brazil.

Caixa conducted draws of its second best product on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The entity also revealed that, starting August 10, there will be an increase in the number of multiple bets allowed. Currently, it’s possible to bet on 15 to 18 numbers out of 25 available. This new change will allow people to select up to 20.

“Players who generally place group bets through Bolão Caixa will also be able to increase their odds in Lotofácil,” explained Caixa. “The maximum number of odds will be 100 for each prize.”

In addition, Caixa set a new distribution plan for the prizes, which will see the winners of 15 numbers take 62% of the total, while those who match 14 of the 15 numbers will take 13%. An additional 10% will be directed to “Final Zero” draws, characterized by having prizes below the income tax exemption line.

In late July, the President of Caixa Econômica Federal Pedro Guimarães assured that the government intends to privatise five subsidiaries of the Brazilian bank, including lotteries and digital payments.

The National Federation of Personnel Associations of Caixa Econômica Federal (Fenae) started an online campaign against the privatisation, and said: “If they mess with Caixa, they mess with Brazil.”

“They’re not interested in improving the quality of life of the Brazilian population,” said Fenae President Sérgio Takemoto. “We want to show people the importance of keeping Caixa 100% public, to give continuity to social programs, which are essential for the low-income population.”