ANAPAL aims to generate €2.9bn through new campaign

The National Association of Provincial Associations of Lottery Administrators (Anapal) from Spain has launched a new Christmas campaign, through which it seeks to raise €2.9bn to mitigate the effects of COVID in the region.

Josep Manuel Iborra, president of Anapal, explained that reaching this goal depends on how much society gets involved in the draw. He said that they must see it as a tool to overcome the situation caused by the pandemic.

“Despite the fact that this will be an atypical campaign due to the coronavirus, we hope that sales will continue the positive evolution from recent years.

“The Christmas draw, which characterizes the solidarity of the Spanish society, is a great opportunity to restore normalcy,” he added.

As Europa Press reported, the draw represents 30% of the total revenue collected by the Spanish lottery and betting regulator (SELAE). The sale started on July 9 and tickets will be available until December 22, when the draw takes place.

In addition, Iborra highlighted the importance of sales channels, and said that they’re fundamental for lotteries in the country. “The participation of these sales channels will be a good way for vendors to finance themselves in their future activities,” he added.

The Spanish government has decided to revise the ‘Royal Decree on Advertising’, which limits advertising and marketing around gambling. However, SELAE and ONCE are exempt from these regulations.

“The Decree will develop and strengthen Spain’s Gambling Law, which defines the operating conditions for different types of games and operators, it’s as simple as that,” said the regulator’s Director General Mikel Arana.