Congressman Felipe Carreras has introduced bill 2824/20 in the Chamber of Deputies, to address the proposal which states 3% of lottery prizes would go to the Brazilian sports industry.

As reported by BNL Data, the text has already been cataloged as ‘urgent’ to address the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, which has made Brazil the second most affected country, behind the United States. 

These new revenues courtesy of the lottery industry, have been proposed in order to financially safeguard the sports industry, which is facing a serious crisis due to the slowdown in activities.

Bill 2824/20 would establish that the Federal Lottery prize would go from 60% to 57%. In this regime, the prizes from titles such as Mega-Sena, Quina, Lotofácil, Double Sena, Lotomania and Lucky Day would go from 43.79% to 40.79%. 

Moreover, Timemania and the Exclusive Instant Lottery, LOTEX, would also experience a reduction from 65% to 62%.

In all types of official lotteries in the country, the percentage is assigned to the payment of premiums and the payment of income tax on the prize. On the other hand, the proposal also provides for the exemption of bank fees for entities that benefit from federal lottery funds.