Brazil’s regulator authorizes a new lottery product

Brazil’s gambling regulator, the Secretariat for the Evaluation of Public Policies, Planning, Energy and Lottery (SECAP), has authorised Caixa Econômica Federal to establish a new lottery product with numerical forecasts, called “Super Sete”.

The ordinance was signed by SECAP Undersecretary Waldir Marques and was published on Friday in Brazil’s Official Gazette. According to a BNL Data report, Caixa can change the name of the new product for commercial purposes and opt for either “Super 7” or “Super VII”.

The first date of the debut draw will be set by Caixa, as well as the creation of an advertising campaign to promote the product and its rules. In addition, the draws will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3pm.

Super Sete will have seven columns, each with 10 numbers, from zero to nine. To bet, the player must choose at least one number from each column. To select two numbers in the same column, players will need to make sure that all the others have a number selected.

To select three, all remaining columns must have at least two numbers selected. Players have seven to 21 options to select on the card, and a single bet will be R$2,50, while the most expensive will be R$5,50.

The rules say that those who get seven numbers right will win the biggest prizes, but those who get three, four, five or six numbers will also win.

Caixa had started distributing the lottery tickets through its network in early March, as the new product was scheduled to start on April 22, with a first draw on May 2, but the pandemic saw all plans postponed. They are likely to be resumed in the coming weeks.

Last week, SECAP made a series of changes in Lotofácil’s operations. The modifications introduced daily draws from Monday to Saturday, a new “Final Zero” contest and an increase on the number of multiple bets to 19 and 20. Currently, Lotofácil draws take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm.