Conflict in BA province as authorities push for online approval

The Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos (IPLyC) of Buenos Aires met with authorities from the Chamber of Official Agents of Lottery and Related from Buenos Aires (CAOLAB) to discuss the current situation of agencies in the province.

According to a CAOLAB statement, the President of IPLyC Omar Galdurralde assured that if they approve online lotteries, it would be to help agencies when physical operations are shut down.

Galdurralde’s response comes days after different reports indicated that the province was interested in replacing the agencies with electronic channels. Vendors in Buenos Aires organised a protest this week to oppose this move and ask for the restart of their businesses.

In the meeting with CAOLAB, IPLyC’s President said that the authority will not make any decisions that would affect agencies. 

“The project in question, if it comes to life, would have the sole goal of providing a tool to generate revenue during the quarantine. In any case, [Galdurralde] committed to discuss any changes with CAOLAB,” said the Chamber.

Last week, lottery and betting agencies in the province received the green light to resume activities. A few hours after reopening, the IPLyC told them that they needed to shut down their services, as the government had backtracked its decision.

Marcelo Alejandro Iglesias, president of CAOLAB, said that the IPLyC was uncertain about a new opening date. “We know perfectly well that this meeting did not meet our needs. Therefore, CAOLAB will work in new policies,” he said.