Spain reopens lotteries

The Spanish lottery and betting regulator (SELAE) has announced that it will restart its services at local agencies and online today. The draws had been suspended on March 15 after the President Pedro Sánchez declared a state of alarm.

The reopening will take place in all territories, including those who are currently in phase 0.5 of the lockdown, such as Madrid and Barcelona. This week, SELAE will reactivate draws for the Primitiva and Euromillions, while Bonoloto and Gordo de la Primitiva draws will restart next week.

According to the regulator, all winning lottery tickets that expired during the state of alarm will still be redeemable as the decree had suspended the original dates.

For its part, the National Lottery will resume its draws on the first day that active games restart, and activity will continue on 11 June.

The Spanish National Organization for the Blind (ONCE) still hasn’t announced when it will resume its draws, but it is working on a plan that aims at safeguarding the safety of its employees and customers.

When discussing the measures prior to resuming the activity, the authority said that the priority is to set “all the necessary precautions to make commercial activity and the safety of the citizens compatible.”

These precautions include a minimum distance between the public and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) as both hygiene and cleaning measures continue to be a main defence against the spread of the virus.